Random Thoughts 9

Monday, December 06, 2010

- “Destructive activities also tend to leave you feeling compelled to continue rather than feeling in control of your decision”

- I learned a lot about addiction today, a big thing being that it releases dopamine in your brain, and dopamine causes “tunnel vision” of sorts, where you really just don’t think about the whole picture. I have seen when this happens in myself, and I need to be careful.

- So I think I have some sort of expectation that if I don’t make a girl laugh a lot, she’s not having fun and thus won’t enjoy being around me. I’m thinking this isn’t very accurate, although I’m good at making girls laugh in group settings, the majority of my social interactions is one on one, and we generally have deeper conversations with less laughing. Despite this, girls seem to enjoy my company. I need to change my expectations.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

- ‎"There's a reason God gave us 2 ears and only 1 mouth, listening is twice as important as talking. But, He gave us 10 fingers! He must really want us to poke things!!!!!”

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

- Oooh, note to self: find a tape recorder and tape Jason talking to himself for an hour so you have proof/examples for other people.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

- “The right to be right (in your manager’s eyes or in your government’s eyes) is irrelevant; only the right to be wrong makes you free” – Peopleware 135

- A thought inspired by The Way of Kings (excellent read!) but if someone consistently and reliably acts in a way different then who they supposedly are, when do they cross the line of officially becoming the person they are pretending to be?...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

- “Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.” -Peter Drucker

- Well, most of my week has been dominated by finishing my last assignments, working on my resume, and brainstorming about the WoW contract posted below.

WoW Contract

Well, I spent about 6 hours discussing/brainstorming/writing with Stephie, Mom, Andrew, and CJ about this, and I’ve decided/concluded that I am going to play WoW. However, my main reasons for not playing WoW were:

1. I hate HATE it when cute girls come over and want to do something, and I end up telling them “I can’t I’m in an instance.”

2. I often can’t think of all the other things I was going to do, because my mind keeps coming back to WoW. Thus all sorts of real-life productive things I was going to do get postponed, or delayed indefinitely. When I fail to do real-life things because of WoW, WoW goes.

3. I tend to play addictively (more than I’d like).

To combat these, I’ve decided to write up this contract, which I plan to share with many so they’ll hold me to it. It’s easy to break rules one’s never set. But if you’re one of my WoW friends who wants me to play and you’re reading this, you might want to help kick me off, or make sure I’m sticking to my guidelines. Because if I feel I’m not advancing my real-life enough, I’ll cut WoW out again.

1. If someone comes over and wants to do something in real-life, and I genuinely want to go with them, but I feel obligated to stay because I’m in a raid/instance/etc, I WILL leave mid instance, right before the big boss attempt, after we’re already saved, whatever. I’ll be that jerk that leaves everyone high and dry. I don’t anticipate this happening terribly often, particularly during Christmas break when everyone goes home for the holiday. But just consider it a standing risk that anytime you bring me to an instance or raid, I may bail. You’ve been warned. Sorry in advance J.

2. I can’t get on WoW until I’ve been out of bed and going for a full hour. Giving me time to read my scriptures, and review my to-do list for non-WoW things I’d like to do that day.

3. I must spend 3 hours a day doing stuff on my to-do list (or at least other non-WoW things I deem useful). If you’re interested, my current list is at the bottom.

4. I won’t start with a time limit on daily WoW provided I feel like I’m being productive enough. However it’s a definite step if I feel I’m overplaying. I’ll use the parental controls built into WoW, likely giving the password and access to someone besides myself or any WoW related friends.

And I think that’s it! Thanks for reading :P

Current To-Do

1. Modify resume / Apply for jobs

2. Replace back rest / Follow up on new chair

3. Study for tests

4. Read books (one second after, the overton window, any religious books, empires, flatland, Joseph Smith stuff)

5. See the doctor about your toe

6. Brainstorm/attempt ways to empty your own pee bag

7. Record music

8. Christmas shopping

9. Social security income data gathering

10. Sell back textbooks

11. for fun programming projects (CS235, mysql, facebook app, game)

12. prepare Sunday lesson

13. improve website

14. get recorded speaking message

15. magnify calling (talks to teachers, roll)

16. come up with new speeches

17. Groceries

Code of Ethics

This was technically homework, that we didn't have to post, but I liked it and wanted to share. We were supposed to write about a few principles that govern our lives.

" Alright, I find that I convey my thoughts best in a free write type environment. That being said I’ll just list some general principles and expand on them. Note these ethics are not in any sort of order of priority. They are all just things that make a difference in many of my decisions.

1. Golden Rule

Whether it’s just in my blood, or my parents instilled it in my at an early age I don’t know, but I have always had a strong “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” complex. For example, I like my peace and quiet when I’m trying to do homework on campus. So I assume others would like the same. If I’m doing homework in the same hallway as a stranger, I don’t turn on music, or have a 45 minute phone conversation, it just seems rude.

2. What if everyone was like this?

I tend to think in terms of “what if everyone acted this way?” For example, if I try to spend time with a girl, and she turns out to be busy, sometimes there’s a temptation to think “fine! I’ll just never call them again” and brood. But it’s not like I’ve never turned someone down because I was busy. If everyone quit after one frustration in a friendship, all communication would cease. Not that I believe everyone should act the same as me (we’re glad not everyone is a CS major), I just want to make sure my choices have their place in a healthy society.

3. What effect will it have on the relationship

One of the most powerful principles my parents ever taught me was that relationships are more important than events/things. I remember vividly at a very young age upsetting my younger brother somehow (I probably hit him, or took a toy, or something stupid like that) and my Mom told me it doesn’t matter why I did it, either way I’ve damaged my trust with my brother now. This has helped IMMENSELY in my life. It has been much easier to drop an argument when I think about how the relationship is more important than being right. Or to do something I don’t feel like doing when I realize how much it means to the other person. Or any number of applications.

4. Is it morally in line with the church

For the most part this is a knee-jerk response rather than something I think about consciously. But I definitely try to live my life within all the bounds of the church. I’ve never taken long to consider drugs or murder or pornography as being good ideas after all. I generally do my best to live within the standards of the church. And the times I fail I’m not usually acting under the assumption I’m doing something right, more likely I’m justifying my weakness, or not thinking at all.

5. Legality

Whether something is legal or not is also important to me. I was constantly on edge even for things as dumb as being in the park after 10:30. A big exception I can think of is I used to skip class a fair amount back in high school guilt free…

6. Am I drawn to it

Having a passion or interest in what I’m doing is important. I wasn’t drawn to sports, so I didn’t get into sports. I wasn’t drawn to art, so I didn’t get into art. I was interested in computers, so I spent time on computers. If I want to spend more time with someone, I try to find opportunities with them. Otherwise I probably won’t. This to me seems like a general human nature rule rather than a Corby-specific principle, but I thought I’d mention anyway.

I doubt this is a comprehensive list, however it covers a good amount of bases."

Like a Moth to the Flame

“Destructive activities also tend to leave you feeling compelled to continue rather than feeling in control of your decision.”[1] What a powerful statement. This is highly prevalent in video games, in the need to reach the next level, or play just one more match. But it also shows up in the draw to stay up-to-date on every sit-com, or to take illegal drugs. I’ve certainly felt this compulsion in my own life. Hopefully in the future when I feel compelled to continue it will set off a warning in my mind that gives me the resolve to take control.

Random Thoughts 8

Monday, November 29, 2010

- Yeah, my vision is definitely getting a little worse, and it’s a little harder to make people feel special when it takes a second to recognize them at a distance.

- Saw a funny status, “If every day is a gift, where can I return Monday? I think mine is defective.”

-“You should try not to talk so much, friend,” he suggested. “You’ll sound far less stupid that way.” Mistborn

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

- "And how do you get such a testimony? Well, there’s no new technology for that, nor will there ever be. You cannot do a Google search to gain a testimony. You can’t text message faith. You gain a vibrant, life-changing testimony today the same way it has always been done. The process hasn’t been changed. It comes through desire, study, prayer, obedience, and service. That is why the teachings of prophets and apostles, past and present, are as relevant to your life today as they ever have been." - M. Russell Ballard (Learning Lessons of the Past, April 2009)

- So Dad asked me what my plans are after graduation, and I gave him my 5 minute schpiel about how skills aren’t as important in CS as work ethic, and how people good at the job often end up project managers, and how I feel like I’d fit in that category, and it’s great because it’s a way to combine technical knowledge and people skills. Also how I hate the idea of people managing jobs they know nothing about, so if I’m going to be a team lead someday first I want to know what it’s like to be on a team, so I want to start in a bottom technical job of some sort.

Anyway the point I realized afterwards that if I heard someone talking like I had been talking, I’d assume they know all about the stuff they’re talking about, and they were just being modest/humble or some such. I can really talk the talk with this type of stuff now, and I don’t even have to know the know. Weird, or something.

- Not being able to put one’s self in bed is DEFINITELY annoying some nights.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

- There was enough snow to power-slide my chair 4 feet or so on the sidewalks this morning. Epiiicc!

- Mom tells me I should date older women because the younger ones have this unrealistic expectation of a guy and won’t really take me with my wheelchair deficits, whereas an older girl would have had more life experience and can recognize me for who I am rather than some fairy tale expectation. This makes a bunch of sense, and I didn’t disagree with her logic. I mostly take out younger girls because they’re my only options for the most part, but I’m entirely willing to take out older girls too. I realized a counter point to my Mom’s suggestion though. The only two girls that I met and dated after breaking my neck have been Katie and Karina. Katie was 17 when I met her and she never had any reservations from the very start (which was amazing) and if I remember right, Karina was 18 when we met and it was pretty much amazing from the get go again. Evidence suggests age has nothing to do with it, it’s the same dating story of “you just happen to find someone that’s attracted back” except my chance of finding one has been further reduced.

- I had two thoughts on possible “why’s” my dating success has been less lately. Number one, and this will sound weird, but I’m less forward. In the first message I ever sent to Katie, I commented on how beautiful she was three times, and I’d never even met her. Creepy much? Similar with Karina. Maybe being 100% open scares some people away yes, but people who also love being open stick around? I think #1 people are more inclined to be open and receptive over a less personal medium like online messages, sad but true. And since I don’t message people as often, rather I do lunch or something, it’s not the place for comfort. #2 I used to go for girls who had lower confidence, so being abrupt about how attractive I find them is a big plus for them. Whereas the girls I’d prefer now are confident, and so compliments aren’t as powerful, although still appreciated I know. I still compliment people mind you. #3 Telling 3 girls how amazing they are at once feels almost like cheating on them. If I make every girl feel like they’re my favorite, I’m lying to at least two. As such I don’t make any girl feel like she’s my favorite, just that she’s strongly appreciated. Which is a bit less potent then how I acted in high school.

- Random thought two, I’m much less helpless wheelchairwise than I used to be. Maybe I was handicapped enough that there was a clear distinction and so they made a conscious choice to be ok with it. And now I’m close enough to ‘normal’ that they don’t see it as a whole different can of worms but rather just minor shortcomings that aren’t their preference, and they don’t want that. Either way they might not want it so meh.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

- So a reoccurring observation I’m having lately is that most principles in life seem to apply to most aspect of life. For example, the “expenses expand to fit your income” idea also seems to apply in “homework motivation flexes to fit just under homework load” (for me) and so forth. Seemingly not the same thing at all but an overall concept of “ fluctuates in relation to ” shows up everywhere. I’ll bet half the time we have one of those “Aha!” moments where it’s like “I’ve known this forever but I never really got it until now” are more us applying a principle we already knew to another aspect of our life.

- I wish I could record my conversations with Steph and paste them here, it’d triple the amount of interesting thoughts I put down.

- Complaining has a purpose of finding what to do next, after that it’s just draining.

- Maybe I should find a goal with Jason? Nahh.

- I think this is funny, but I was basically daydreaming about being up high in a business where everyone is pushing to make a decision that I disagree with vehemently. The idea of going, “If we do this, I’m breaking all ties with the company, I’ll have no part in this. Mark my words, this will destroy the company.” And walking away feels invigorating haha.

- What’s the big difference between light drugs and alcohol? Both put you in an altered state that makes things more fun (or so I hear. Both are potentially addicting. Both are not good for your body. The only big difference I see is one is legal (although we tried to make it illegal) and one is illegal (although we are trying to make it legal, how ironic).

Friday, December 03, 2010

- Sooo… I totally saw a guy walking two llamas on the sidewalk on the way home. That was unexpected.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

- So I’m not sure this fits into the “ fluctuates in relation to ” principle I’ve observed… Actually I don’t like stuff vs limit… I’ll refine this sometime. But anyway, a similar manifestation is that peoples need to sleep fluctuates with the time church starts at. Whether it’s at 9 or 1. People who make it a priority show up on time or in the first ten minutes regularly. People who it’s less of a priority (an obligation maybe?) seem to find a way to stay up late enough that they “need” the sleep such that they don’t show up until long into the first block, or later. It’s sad that like ¼ of college ward attendance seems to follow this pattern.

- People are ten times more willing to listen to a ten minute update on your life than they are to read a ten minute update of your life.

- It’s a good thing one doesn’t always have to feel the spirit in order to help others feel the spirit. I’m glad I can help others sometimes by singing.

- So I have a pretty bad better-than-Jason complex, it really bugs me how much (I assume) he just wants attention. But! I found somewhere I’m guilty of the same thing, or a similar thing anyway. Wanting attention is in the same boat as wanting to be needed. I haven’t hung out with Karissa much at all since CJ got back. And today while driving I wondered why that is? There’s various factors, like the distance, having new people to meet, etc. But a big one is my assumption that she enjoys being with CJ more. Which I believe is true, but the question is, why does this even matter? If we both enjoy being around each other, who cares if I’m not her favorite? She’s not my favorite either. The carnal thought is “she likes being with so and so more, so she doesn’t need me.” Well lah dee fricken’ dah. It’s weird how this seems to be a common natural instinct. I’m glad I caught this consciously so I can ignore it. I wonder where else it effects me that I haven’t realized?...

When You Search Upon a Star, Makes No Difference Who You Are

Beware your search terms. Increasingly in society it’s seen that every word can be related to something sexual. I have friends that I can’t even say “I’ll go do it” around without them giggling like I made some dirty comment. Most collaborative online efforts are speckled if not littered with perverted humor graffiti, easily the lowest level of humor. The most upsetting thing is that usually the only way to learn an ordinary term has been escalated to a dirty term is to say it or search for it unknowingly. Luckily Google is on my side with this one and they do a pretty good job of showing the non dirty results. But may it be said, “be careful what you search for, you just might find it.”

Literary Extravaganza!

So this post was straight up for homework, but slightly funny, in my humble opinion. The assignment was called “literary extravaganza” in which we needed to do two literary works of some sort somehow related to computers in society. Like a Haiku, or a 140 character story. Here are my results

“With pleasure I watched him shatter 4 floors below. Goodbye Lappy. Your demise in this way satisfies my destructive needs perfectly.”

Note for the next one, the word “meme” we use to refer to internet memes, which are jokes or videos that spread at viral rates. Like Charlie bit me, lolcats, or the old spice guy

“Haikus are so lame
Like a meme with no humor
I’d rather eat dung”

I didn’t like that as much, but I had to relate it back to computers. My original draft was

“Haikus are so lame
Like a paraplegic cat
I’d rather eat dung”

Other runner ups for the middle line included:

“Like flaming llamas with hats”
“Like Charlie biting my hand”
“Like David at the dentist”
“Like those Harry’s puppet pals”

Ahh blogs and your ability to share all my useless thoughts no one really cared for, well done.

Random Thoughts 7

Monday, November 23, 2010

- So I sang in church yesterday. I was somewhat nervous because I want to make sure I’m singing for the right reasons and not just to show off or toot my own horn. But I kept thinking about it and putting it off. Finally 2 Sundays ago I was reading my patriarchal blessing and it mentioned not only speaking the words of testimony, but singing them too, and I was like “OK FINE!!!”

It went well, a lot of people complimented me after. I found the best way to respond is just by saying “thanks” until they change the subject haha. But anyway I decided that singing (or speaking) in church is like a mass ice-breaker, even if only in my mind. I find I’m much more willing to talk to people I don’t know when I assume they heard me sing/speak. I guess I just don’t worry that they may think I’m weird or what not because I know they saw a portion of me that I’m proud of. I’ve got to keep this in mind next time I’m in a new ward and don’t want to sit in a corner with the 2 people I know anymore.

- I talked to Chuck for an hour today about how I’m graduating and what I should do next. Three main things came out of the conversation.

1. If I want to teach someday, I need at minimum a bachelors, probably a PhD, and now is the time to do it. Chuck is highly confident I have the thinking skills. My reservation is the lack of real world experience, which brings us too…

2. The earliest I could get in the program is like September or January anyway, so I’ve got a year where I should get a internship/job and get some real experience. Which is very very exciting to me. Also I’m super nervous about the unknown.

3. Chuck gave me permission to hit on his returned missionary daughter haha.

So yeah, life plan, apply for grad school, get/start an internship/job in January.

- Sunday morning I knew it’d be cold, and my scarf was dirty so I knew I needed to prepare for warmth some other way. So first I chose a good looking sweater, and then went on to find a tie to match. I spent like a full minute looking at the different ties, trying to decide which was best. But then I was like, “that’s it, as a male I’ve reached my maximum limit of cloths choosing time, just give me that one.” I choose a green one (I think). I’m pretty sure it’d didn’t match my sweater, and I cared very little.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

- I still have stage fright. Monday’s activity was a ward potluck + talent show. I signed up for a talent, planning to sing a song. I ended up chickening out and sneaking home when no one was looking though. I should add my primary justification was that I think music for talent shows is overdone, and it looked like EVERYONE else was planning something musical too, so I felt lame and bailed haha.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

- So I was playing this physics based flash game, and I had the thought “man, it sure would be easy if I had some way to move straight up, guaranteed” and I remembered back in 9th grade in some class playing some game on a computer as partners, and every once in a while you had to move a spaceship from left to right without touching the top or bottom of the tunnel. I’d take the ball out of the mouse and just spin the x axis wheel inside and move across perfectly in record time, my partner thought I was genius. We can’t cheat like that so easily haha.

- I don’t believe I have a widely diverse set of influences, which sounds sad, but I do like the person I choose to be mostly, so it’s not a huge deal. Having a higher number of different opinions sounds fun though.

- "Having been brought up in a serf owner's family, I entered active life, like all young men of my time, with a great deal of confidence in the necessity of commanding, ordering, scolding, punishing and the like. But when, at an early stage, I had to manage serious enterprises and to deal with [free] men, and when each mistake would lead at once to heavy consequences, I began to appreciate the difference between acting on the principle of command and discipline and acting on the principle of common understanding. The former works admirably in a military parade, but it is worth nothing where real life is concerned, and the aim can be achieved only through the severe effort of many converging wills." Memoirs of a Revolutionist

Apparently this was written by an anarchist, and I have no idea what his other views were, but I love this quote above. Efforts made by ones free will far exceed efforts produced by coercion.

Friday, November 26, 2010

- Went to the temple today for the first time in 5495.4 miles. Not good Corby, do better.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

- So in order to get rid of annoying dating ads on the side of Facebook I've been marking them all as "uninteresting". It seems to be helping by the way. I had a terrible thought though, what if I mark them uninteresting enough times that the ad engine decides "ohhhh, it's uninteresting because he doesn't like women!"

Agency Much?

It’s funny how the effectiveness of agency shows up all around us. Salesmen who believe in their product sell better. Kids who kind of like the chore get their chores done with less nudging. People rally to causes and produce results no one would believe possible (how was America founded?). Technology has taken this to the next level, Wikipedia, volunteer news sites, and open-source projects have truly world changing potential. More and more people seem to recognize that agency trumps coercion. If only our government would get the memo!

Random Thoughts 6

Wasn't on my computer much Sunday, forgot to post this. But here it is now :P

Monday, November 15, 2010

- If you get some sort of prompting or “personal commandment” as it were that doesn’t really apply to everyone, it’s harder to get feedback from people about it.

- I never really knew what the difference between patents and copyrights was. I got a decent explanation today. Basically, concepts are patentable, implementations are copyrightable. Implementation being the actual method of applying the concept.

- Why do sneezes usually come in at least sets of 2?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

- So most people learn on a rewards system naturally. When they get what they want they continue to do things that way, when they don’t get what they want they tend to rethink. Well, not at first, but eventually. And I guess often the rethink is more often “I’m just not going to associate with them anymore” than it is “I’m going to try associating with them differently.” Anyway, I decided Jason doesn’t have this system functioning very well. We’re terribly blunt with things we like and dislike. Not that everyone should be subject to others likes and dislikes… but anyway, as far as I can tell, Jason just wants to be validated.

One way to validate him is to respond to his pointless questions. The problem is even if you validate him for a while he isn’t satisfied and keeps wanting more, that’s a different topic… anyway the original catalyst of this post is I decided I’m going to be extra blunt with him. IE: yesterday I’m eating, Jason asks “what are you doing?” I respond “eating.” Jason says “why would you do that?” I respond “that’s a stupid question and I’m not going to respond.” To which he says “I’ll kill you Corby, it’ll happen, just you wait” (which he also says 300-400 times a day, and we also discourage verbally.) anyway, I give a clear verbal unambiguous “no.”

Later, when he asked “how should I cook my eggs Corby?” I respond “poached.” I’m not really sure what poached eggs are actually, but the point is I responded to his question instead of telling him it was dumb, because although it’s still an unimportant question, at least it’s not “do I feel like conquering china or watching anime Corby?” or “why would you do that?” or “Corby, your death will come.” Ugh. Let’s see if he learns!

- I’m a big fan of the head nod. It’s really nice to have some means of saying “hey friend, I see you’re in a hurry, so I won’t make you wait for me to come all the way over there just to say hi. Instead, I’ll acknowledge your presence from here without even moving my arms.” Or even “hello fellow classmate whom I recognize is a classmate but I don’t even know your name. Let’s share this moment of joint recognition with a head nod.”

- Some lady just stopped in the hall, pointed at my arm rest, and said “I like your tray”. I said “thanks”, but… random.

- Found out today I actually can graduate this semester still. Uhhh…

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

- a van just pulled up next to mine, apparently unaware I'm in mine. The van has similar modifications so a quad can drive it, but the wheelchair-bound fellow was in the passenger seat position, and someone else was driving, and was pushing the wheelchair when they left. I'm thankful for my independence :)

- I’m procrastinating right now, upon saying the above to Amelia the following followed

Amelia: I'm astounded at how independent you are. Honestly. The way you figure out a way to conquer any obstacle amazes me

Corby: Which makes my inability to write a stupid industry profile even more astounding.

Amelia: psh! It's not the lack of ability, it's the lack of motivation

Corby: I'd argue that's the case for most things people fail to do.


- One of my high school friends changed his relationship status yesterday to "Married to Home Work"

So I sent Home Work the following

"I can't believe you've been leading me on Homework. After all the time we've spent together? I thought we were something special. But here, I find out you've been dating Jon behind my back? AND you're engaged?! Not to mention I found this out over Facebook!

I'm shocked, hurt, and heartbroken.


And she responded

"Um no, you've got it all wrong. I'm not engaged to Jon. We're married.

Of course you're finding out through Facebook, I knew what a scene you'd make at the wedding.



- If I ever want to learn something interesting, all I need to do is find an XKCD comic I don’t understand and learn why it’s funny.

- “In a pedestrian setting, running into someone is a good thing; in a car, not so much.” (Here Comes Everyone Pg 201) Although funny, this has a very valid message. Neighborhoods used to be close because people would run into each other at the market, or talk to each other as they were out doing yard work. Today it’s different, usually someone gets straight into their solitary car without even going outdoors to run errands, and at any given supermarket the chances of running into someone they know is quite low. I think Facebook might be somewhat turning this back around, for those who leave the chat option on anyway. Facebook chat provides a way to “run into someone” digitally and strike up a conversation they might not have had otherwise.

- biting my nails was suddenly elevated to very high priority tonight. Weird.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

- I still have a lot to learn about communication. With the help of this blog to write down ideas I’ve had, I tend to have ideas more often. I feel like lately when I hang out with women I talk too much though. Although I’ve mentioned so and apologized, the girls always say it wasn’t the case, but still… I just had the thought maybe bringing up neat ah-ha’s I’ve had isn’t always the best idea in casual lunch date style conversation. I’m not bringing up things like CS principles or anything, they’re things that as near as I can tell they do genuinely find interesting. But even if they do find it interesting, they’re just barely being exposed to this angle whereas I’ve had tons of time to think about it, so I’m still in control of driving the topic. I’m not very good at useless small talk though, and I’m not terribly clear what the middle ground topics are. Oh well.

- If you just feel like writing, write a rant about the effect of society objectifying women.

Friday, November 19, 2010

- This book talks a lot about social tools like blogging and meetup.com. Note to self: if you’re married with young kids and you’re looking to find them playmates, check meetup.com or similar networking tools.

- I like that I seem to have a decent capacity of abridging and communicating ideas. However, I’m sometimes saddened to do so. Sometimes I want to say “just go read the chapter!” Yes I can convey the idea, but if I’m explaining a 30 minute video lecture to you in 3 minutes, you won’t be getting nearly the depth. It’s like watching the movie vs reading the book. Someone gets a sense of the main characters and the idea of the plot. But they don’t have a nearly as good of a sense of what the characters went through, or how it felt, or how impactful the events were.

- So I have my standard parking spot at my apartment, part of the benefit of being able to park in handicapped parking at a complex that’s vastly populated with people under 21… and next to in a normal parking spot there’s a guy who saves his parking every day by rotating between his Grand Cherokee and his motorcycle. Whichever one he’s not using he leaves the other there so he can save his space right next to the door. I just had a thought how dumb this is. I don’t think he saves any time by doing so. If he’s saving the spot with his motorcycle he has to get out of his truck, move the cycle, park the truck, and move the motorcycle back. Wouldn’t it be just as easy to park 150 feet further and walk?... oh well.

- “Any new claim on someone's time must obviously offer some value, but more important, it must offer some value higher than something else she already does, or she won't free up the time.” Here comes everyone 262

- “Arguments about whether new forms of sharing or collaboration are, on balance, good or bad reveal more about the speaker than the subject.” P 297. I actually think this can be generalized to be more like “Arguments about whether anything is good or bad reveal more about the speaker than the subject.”

- So if I’m taking a homework break to get food, I prefer to bring female companionship. However, I’ve found that the success rate of texting/calling girls and asking “hey can you get food RIGHT NOW?” is less than 10%, and as I usually don’t have 10 different girls to call, I don’t succeed every time… I was thinking today on my way to Wendys (having failed to find companionship even when giving a 90 minute notice) it would be nice if there some sort of social tool that you could set yourself to “available to do something”. I think it’s likely someone I’d like to hang out with was sitting around at their place or could also use a homework break, but I had no way of knowing without calling everyone individually. Oh well.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

- “Material objectives consume too much of our attention. The struggle for what we need or for more than we need exhausts our time and energy. We pursue pleasure or entertainment, or become overinvolved in associations or civic matters. Of course, people need recreation, need to be achieving, need to contribute; but if these come at the cost of friendship with Christ, the price is much too high.” – Marion D. Hanks

- I have a ridiculous social urge this morning, it doesn’t make doing homework easy.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

- So we were up playing halo at 1 AM and the fire alarm went off. Apparently it was caused by some dofusi (yeah, plural for dofus right? Actually I looked it up, and the plural for dofus is dofus… anyway) who were playing with a bouncy-ball or something and hit the fire sprinkler. It ruined their 4th floor room and the thirds floor as well leaked in the first floor. Yikes. Random fact, in my bedroom there used to be this plastic dome case set over the sprinkler and we had no idea why. If the sprinkler went off it would focus all the water out a hole in the bottom. However! That case would have prevented such an accident haha. The sad part of this story is, we figured this was a false alarm and just kept playing Halo. Lucky for us we were right, but how often do you think somebody gets hurt because of the same assumption?... what is the point of the alarms if everyone ignores them? I think they still serve some purpose, they at least put everyone on guard so they’re considering running if needed. Or if someone came to the door and said “the building is on fire! You have to get out!” while the fire alarm was going on, people are more likely to believe it.

- hmm, so for the most part I like teaching, but sometimes I feel like I’m terrible and some days I do great, and it largely depends on the material I’m trying to teach that week, which I have limited control over. I mean, I can tell my own stories and what not, but then I may not really cover the stuff in the manual, which is in there for a reason. The best I can do is just try to go by the spirit I know, but I don’t always feel like have that. Today as a lesson on adversity with Jeremiah. I was trying to tell his stories and follow the lesson pretty well, but I could tell the class was bored and I wasn’t flowing at all. So I switched over to telling my Twilight Zone and Evan Almighty stories, and it went well… Good thing I’m actually Sunday school pres right now and don’t need to teach regularly.

Why is World of Warcraft so Compelling?

As a former World of Warcraft gamer for nearly 4 consecutive years, with fluctuating levels of commitment between casual and hardcore, I feel I have a good amount of experience which allows me to give some insights as to what is so compelling/addicting about World of Warcraft.

Why is World of Warcraft so compelling? Because MMORPGs provide an alternate reality where a player can log on any time and achieve something, gain progress in some meaningful (in game) way, and everyone loves feeling accomplished.

Let me give an example, what if anytime you had a few hours free, you knew you could go to the mall and there would be any number of stores there willing to pay you $10 an hour to do some sort of simple task like folding clothes or juicing lemons or shelving merchandise? You wouldn’t have to pre-arrange when you’d show up, or how long you’d stay, or have any previous experience. There was simply an endless supply of $10 an hour tasks that anyone can do any time.

Better than that though, what if these $10 an hour tasks weren’t tedious boring tasks like the examples above, but things you might have fun doing, like playing ping-pong, or trying on new clothes, or climbing a rock wall. There are hundreds of different tasks you could do to earn your $10 an hour. Maybe you don’t like trying on new clothes, but you love ping-pong, and you can be rewarded any time to go play! Each of these tasks are designed specifically to be challenging enough to be engaging, but easy enough that you can generally succeed. And even if you don’t succeed, you still get $5 an hour for trying.

In addition to these great solo $10 tasks, there are various people from around the world that you can interact with if you want. You can even gather 4 random friends (or bring up to 4 of your own friends) and participate in an hour long task that you participate in as a team and get paid $15 an hour plus the chance to receive bonus cash. For example, you sign up with 4 other people to play three 5v5 basketball games against some robot opponents. After winning each game, one of the 5 of you gets a bonus $50 in addition to the 25$ hourly wage. Once again the robot teams are designed to be challenging and require that you work as a team, but they are still easy enough that you’re likely succeed. Even if you fail you can try as many times as you’d like and still get the $50 bonus once you win.

In addition to these $10 solo tasks and $25 five person instance tasks, you can organize or join with 24 other people to have a 25 man paintball battle against very challenging robot opponents. These paintball battles need all 25 people to work together to be successful, and take a time commitment of 3 or more hours, but for every team your team beats, 3 or 4 people receive $200. If your team is good, you can beat as many as 10 opposing teams which results in 30-40 $200 bonuses. As with all the other options so far, these once again are designed to be very challenging, and require all 25 people to work together to succeed. But the teamwork combined with the $200 bonuses make the experience very rewarding. And if you form a guild of mall friends, you can have regularly scheduled paintball battles where friends you know you can count on show up to team up with you, and you have a system set up to make sure everyone is rewarded fairly with their share of $200 bonuses based on how often they show up.

It doesn’t end here, if the idea of taking on challenges against robots doesn’t appeal to you, there’s places where you alone, or you as part of a group of 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, or 40 can compete against other groups of the same size at various different tasks of your choice, and you’ll get paid $25 an hour for losing or $50 an hour for winning. You’re paired up against opponents of a similar skill level so there’s always a good chance of winning or losing.

Basically, these in game worlds provide a massive number of in game options which all reward you with in game accomplishment. When someone plays a game like World of Warcraft, they can see the progress they’re making through getting money, or leveling up, or improving their gear, or earning achievement points, and so on. In real life, even when going to work and knowing you’re earning money, the fruits of your labors are not immediately apparent. More likely they come in a bi-weekly lump that never feels like enough, and you’re painfully aware some entity decided to take a cut of your earnings. In a game, the rewards of your effort appear immediately, and you get to keep all of it yourself. In contrast, it almost makes a real job feel like imaginary achievement while video games are the real tangible achievement.

So why is World of Warcraft so compelling? I believe it’s the sense of accomplishment. I assert that people who struggle with video game addiction have a very weak differentiation between accomplishment in real life and accomplishment in games. Since everyone likes to feel accomplished, and video games are much easier to succeed at than real life, they prioritize video games over real life.

Random Thoughts 5

By the way, I plan to post these every Sunday, for a while anyway. I also wrote less this week. Most of the time I thought of something I wanted to write I wasn't in a position to write, and then I forgot. Sad Story.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

- So I had a random thought the other day. Whenever I tell people I can’t smell, the first thing 99% of people ask is something like “then you can’t taste either?” yes I an taste, they’re separate senses for a reason! But then there’s often someone who brings up that when they plug their nose they can’t taste at all, while others say if they plug their nose it just dampens the taste but it’s still there. What if the people who can’t taste when they plug their nose have no sense of taste?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

- I like these two quotes in the sequoia research lab. “Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, how will you ever debug it?”

- and “code like the guy maintaining your code is a serial killer who knows where you live.”

- “Fame is simply an imbalance between inbound and outbound attention, more arrows pointing in than out.” (Here Comes Everyone p91)

- I actually contributed to the research lab this week! Chuck had a presentation on Thursday and wanted some statistics on how many human developer related papers have been submitted to ICSE in the last 10 years, so I jumped on and figured it out. There are a lot of cool papers I want to read now.

Friday, November 12, 2010

- Nothing specific triggered this thought, but I think women should be feminine. I dislike how much more masculine women are becoming nowadays. Many are becoming sporty, or think it’s stupid to cry, or push people out of their life so they can prove their independence. It’s sad to me.

- Watched Skyline with Micah tonight. Gotta say, Skyline has to be one of the dumbest movies I’ve seen in a long time. Aliens coming to harvest our brains? Really? Real original. But spending time with Micah made it worth it.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

- People have mentioned that your expenses seem to inflate quickly to match your income, I believe it, although my income hasn’t fluctuated for years so I haven’t tested it personally. I found a similar principle too though. My homework motivation inflates/deflates to be just under the amount needed to get everything done. This semester has been comparatively easy, which is nice. But since it’s easy, I’ll be productive one morning and then essentially think “what should I do next? Oh wait, I’ve been productive all day, and this semester is easy, so I must be done!” when really I had more to do. Oops.

- So I mentioned a while back I’m going to consciously focus less on dating. Which I’m bad at. And honestly if the measure of succeeding at said goal is actively making plans with women less than I’ve failed. However! That wasn’t my objective really. In fact, part of the problem is I didn’t really clearly define for myself what my objective was. I now have a better idea though! I’m going to consciously suppress trains of thought like wondering what it would be like if I was together with so and so, or day-dreams about having these powerful bonding conversations with a girl. I’m instead going to focus on A, just having fun, and B, simply making sure she has fun. I’m going to be less dormant because I’m worried about what they might think and be more my spastic self because it’s more fun, and if she doesn’t like it then whatever. Basically I guess I’m going to attempt to date without allowing my focus to be actually obtaining a girlfriend. Because that being said, somehow this week I’m doing dinner with Erin Wilkes Tuesday, Jen Bybee Thursday, I’m pen-palling with Haley Cole on Facebook, and last week I met this girl Miranda at church who I’m supposed to bring to church with me today and sit by, she’s not responding to texts though… (later addendum, I knocked on her door and she came to church :) )

Sunday, November 14, 2010

- “I am convinced that there is no simple formula or technique that would immediately allow you to master the ability to be guided by the voice of the Spirit. Our Father expects you to learn how to obtain that divine help by exercising faith in Him and His Holy Son, Jesus Christ. Were you to receive inspired guidance just for the asking, you would become weak and ever more dependent on Them. They know that essential personal growth will come as you struggle to learn how to be led by the Spirit.” Richard G Scott, Oct 2009.

- Your pat blessing says study the life of Joseph Smith. Do that.

Copyright vlog

So I had to do a position video blog for my class, and it had to be under 2 minutes, and this is what happened.

Coming to a society near you

Facebook is penetrating every aspect of our lives. From posting Facebook updates in your car through OnStar, to a custom browser built to tie Facebook and browsing together, to new ways to scam people or sell their information. Even the British Queen has a Facebook so Britain can see what their taxes are paying for. Google changed the world when it made breakthroughs in its mission to “facilitate access to information for the entire world”. I doubt anyone fully understood the implications of such data connectivity. Facebook does more than just connect people to data though, it connects people to people. Is this a change for the better or the worse? Who’s to say? What is for sure is change there will be, and it’s only in the early stages.

Random Thoughts 4

Sunday, October 31, 2010

- Oh! I just remembered I used to be the guy who wanted to be every girls favorite person even if I didn’t like them back! When did that change? I’m glad, but when? And who do I know who’s still like that? What can I learn from them?...

Monday, November 01, 2010

- I discovered something random today. Like 99% of BYU parking faces East/West, which is trouble if you want to park facing South so the sun can shine through port side of your van while you do homework in solitary confinement.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

- Good news and bad news. The good news is, I seem to have enough time to do most the things I’d like. Read scriptures, listen to conference talks, do homework, spend time with people, even read a little for fun. The bad news is for the last week straight or so I have been SO TERRIBLE at focusing when it comes time to do homework! It ends up taking me like 3 hours over the whole week to read a 30 minute chapter. So I have the time, I just can’t seem to spend it as efficiently as I usually do, and it’s driving me crazy!

- later addendum: I did nothing for 4 hours this morning, but the last 4 hours since then have been all sorts of productive. Maybe I’m only useful after complaining about being useless haha.

- I had an interesting realization. I think of myself as witty (and cocky, but that’s not what I’m addressing here) but I believe I could be described as ‘reactionarily witty’ or some such. If someone told me to go write a funny short story, I’d have no idea where to even start. But I seem to be able to come up with funny or intelligent things to say all the time in conversation. Weird.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

- For powerful writing, be aware of the ratio of glue to meat words.

- I tend to use wishy washy “I think that” and “maybe this is because” type statements a lot in writing and even in conversation. I think that (haha, I’m not changing that usage this time) I speak this way because people tend to butt heads if I don’t. If I say “this show is over the line” people who disagree get defensive or try to prove me wrong. But if I say “I think this show is over the line” people who disagree accept the statement much easier. Not saying they change their opinion any easier, they just don’t fight me as much. Which is good because my intention wasn’t to fight anyway.
What I don’t understand is, if I attach the words “I think” why does it make such a big difference? Of course it’s what I think, if it wasn’t, why would I be stating it? If I don’t include “I think” it’s like people assume I started the statement with “everybody knows that” or “science his undeniably proven”, so people tend to go “hey hey, wait a minute!” I’m going to cut more “I think” type filler words from my writing and verbal communication and see how it goes over…

- “not every problem needs to be legislated into submission.”

- Hmm, so often times if a guy seems too interested, a girl shuts down immediately. Like if he plans an elaborate date, or plans a date at all when he’s usually shy, girls assume the guy must be obsessed with her and they start thinking of ways to let them down gently before even giving them a chance. I realized this has an opposite, if a girl is bugged or feels devalued because the guy asked her last minute. There is a fairly easy balance to be point to with this though.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

- Good to Great talks about how when companies reach greatness, to us it seems like the company was an egg that hatched and is now a great company. But really, the company can’t think of any moment to point to that represented such an event, for them it was a process. I think most people don’t realize this is how most everything in life works. Take testimonies for example.

- I discovered I can take off my own shoes! I'd never really tried before. Haven't figured out how to put them back on though yet...

Friday, November 05, 2010

- I realized a good comparison of how I’d like my outlook on women to be. Note that this is not at all the point I’m at, but I’d like to want women the same way I want money. Money is great, I love having/getting money, for the most part if I have an opportunity to get money I take it and appreciate it. But I don’t ever think about how I wish I had more money. If offered money I don’t refuse because I’d rather be poor. Although sometimes I discourage people from giving me money because I feel like I didn’t earn it or because I know they’re low on money too… this sentence doesn’t have parallels to my analogy though. The point is, I’d like to be happy to have dating opportunities, and take them when I see them, but I don’t want to ever think about how I don’t have a girlfriend.

- I sure end up saying stuff like “my body is angry at me today” really often, and it’s always true at the time. The last 2 weeks or so I’ve either been super tired or super light headed almost every day, and it makes it harder to get stuff done. I often end up just quitting for the day earlier than I usually would with the excuse I don’t feel well and I’ll feel better the next day. However, I had the thought, what if this was just normal for me now? Luckily I believe it’s not, but it’s certainly not uncommon for someone to develop a health problem that never really leaves them be. I need to find new/different ways to be more productive despite set-backs like fatigue or lightheadedness rather than using them as an excuse to play small.

- Know what’s more fun than seeing some wacky dressed college student? Seeing a wacky dressed person who has to be at least 40. “You mean, it’s been 40 years and you still haven’t matured? I’m impressed.”

- man, I’m introspective today. I was thinking about which jokes are ‘ok’ and which aren’t according to the Book of Corby, and I found it immensely difficult to contain in concise rules. For example, particularly lately my passiveness towards sexual humor has dropped a bunch. It bugs me enough to not sit in the room and watch flight of the conchords or family guy generally. It bugs me because it makes a mockery of very sacred values. So I was thinking, jokes that make light of church/my values bug me. But! Violent jokes are totally fine with me. Maybe it has to do with sexual jokes being taken far over the line while violent jokes aren’t, but really what makes “I will RAPE you!” not ok and “I will KILL you!” ok? Generally my thoughts were that violent jokes are ok because I don’t really think anyone is going to kill anyone, or tear your face off or stab you in the throat or whatever phrase I admittedly think is funny and appropriate still. But how is this any different value wise? I don’t believe my friends are going to rape anyone any more than they’re going to kill anyone. True raping is joking about destroying virtue and is a terrible sin. But isn’t murder taking away someone’s agency and a worse sin than fornication? Plus, I don’t mind fighting, but blood bugs me? A thought I had a long time ago is I’m not really tempted at all to be violent, but breaking chastity is a temptation. So maybe I don’t appreciate thoughts that might be stick in my mind with sexual jokes, whereas violent jokes are meh. But then this makes “appropriate” jokes entirely subjective to what someone does and doesn’t struggle with. Yeah, I have no idea how to put my standing into concise terms. For the record though I still think joking about sex is over the top lately, and joking about violence is fine.

- I think it’s funny when strangers apologize for not hitting a door opening button for/before me. People do realize the button is designed so that I can open the doors myself, not so others can more easily open doors for me, right? Working as intended fellas, no need to apologize.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

- So I was praying last night and asked “what can I be doing different?” that’s how I ended up quitting video games. Pretty much all through high school if I’d pray “what can I be doing different?” I’d feel ike “play less video games” at which point I’d think something like, “I don’t see what’s wrong with video games, what could I be doing different besides that?” and I’d never get any other promptings. I finally gave that up enough that I don’t get that answer anymore. That was a tangent though, the point is, recently, when praying about it I get the feeling to not read the novel I am -or planning on- reading. This basically makes me doubt my ability to get promptings as a whole. There are warnings about video game addiction, I felt I played excessively enough, sometimes things I encountered in video games would light urges to do other stupid stuff, I can understand the reasoning to suppress my time playing video games dramatically. Books on the other hand are all round reputably encouraged. I feel like what I really am being asked is to give up something important to me. The problem is I don’t know what I’d replace it with. I really feel I need some escape, some enjoyment, I don’t think I’d be prompted to never have time to myself. I just don’t understand L.

“Don’t steal, the government hates competition”

The title of this post is probably the most witty bumper sticker I’ve ever seen. However, despite the government's support, the real thieves are record labels. A recent article shows that when buying a song from iTunes, the recording artist receives a mere 4% of the money paid to Apple, and that’s only if the artist did all the recording themselves. 35% goes to iTunes, which seems fair. 61% goes to the record label. This is ridiculous. What’s worse, this isn’t even a crime of just record labels. Orson Scott Card points out how many companies essentially demand you to sign over your brain in order to work for them. Any idea you have while employed is company property. A change is in order, before you vote for a business by giving them your money, take a minute to see how they treat their creative soul.

Random Thoughts 3

Less short thoughts this week for some reason. *shrug*

Monday, October 25, 2010

- It’s funny how apparently often the way to obtain something is to not focus on it at all. I’ve heard people find their spouses when they aren’t even dating. A family friend talked about how in business he always tried to write software that was so well documented it was self sustaining so people would never have to call him. But then people would call him for more business because he did a good job. The scriptures even say if you want to find yourself, lose yourself in others. This thought came to mind because I keep having people mention job or similar opportunities when I’m not even looking for them, I don’t want a job yet! Yet I have many unemployed friends who are searching for jobs unsuccessfully. It makes me feel a little bad and ungrateful, I wish I could offer them the jobs I’m hearing about but they’re kind of based on the contacts ability to recommend me specifically, and they’re related to my degree. The sad thing is I mostly wrote this out of annoyance :P.

- I like to give girls witty compliments, and if they say that they always want an example but I can never think of one on the spot, they just come in the moment. I had one today that I liked though that maybe I can use as an example if I remember.
Me: I think you’d like lolcat pics.
Kjersti: I believe it, I like the things you like.
Me: How do you feel about yourself?
Kjertsi: I like myself!
Me: Than your previous assertion holds true.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

- Is glad for room mates to talk to for two hours in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. My body letting me sleep would also be nice though.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

- Today’s thoughts turned into the 4 long posts below

o Peacemaking and Halo

o Earning, Dating, and the Atonement

o Video Games and Life Points

o Technological Singularity

Peacemaking and Halo

My patriarchal blessing mentions me being a peacekeeper. For some reason I always thought that was a little odd, because I was thinking of it in terms of at my parents house within my family. Not that I’m a troublemaker, but I didn’t feel like I served in a peacekeeper role much at home. I had an insight last night after a friends comment though. There’s not a frequent need for a peacekeeper at my parents house, I’m blessed with an amazing functional family for which I am super grateful.

I do serve in that capacity often with my friends, not exclusively mind you, and I can be a cause of pain too. But I have a mentality that I’m finding less people share than I thought.
I’ve always thought of myself as a people person. One of the most powerful lessons I remember learning from my Mom is the importance of people. Specifically, there was a time when I was very young, and I did something to make a sibling (likely CJ) upset. I probably took a toy or hit him or something stupid, I was pretty young. What I remember though is my Mom didn’t tell me “it’s not nice to take things” or “it’s rude to hit” she said something like “you’ve hurt him, and now he doesn’t trust you as much”. Whatever I did became irrelevant in comparison to the effect it had on the relationship. I by no means live perfectly by this guideline, but I’m finding I seem to do so more often than many.

For example, we had a Halo party on Saturday. There were very even 3 on 3 teams (with me as an onlooker) , it was super fun. Anyway in Halo Reach there are 5 special abilities which players can choose from in certain gametypes. They mostly played “slayer pro” which only allows the player to use the sprint special ability, because they see the rest of the abilities as dumb or cheap or some other nonsense, which I think is mostly bias but whatev. Their main complaint with normal slayer, which allows picking the 5 abilities, is when people use cloak. They finally tried the gametype just to shake things up, with a unspoken rule of “but no cloaks”. Landon was there playing Reach for the first time, I watched/coached him most the night. I told him pick cloak because it would just upset everyone, but he did anyway. And since he was using it everyone used it, and since everyone used it, no ne enjoyed that match.

So what’s the parallel here? Why is a specific power-up such a big deal as to create contention and discontent in a game? Note that it wasn’t a big deal, and grudges didn’t continue after the match. But there’s two sides, either of which I think could easily bend.

Side 1 is the “cloak is stupid” side. Their basis is that the cloak is cheap (sitting invisible on a hill with a sniper can be admittedly over-powered), and that the radar messing up effect it has is annoying and thus no fun. To this, I’d say it’s not cheap, it’s just different. Maybe it directly counters the tactic you prefer to use effectively, but that doesn’t mean it’s “cheap” it means you need to try something different yourself. It’s like when the British would line up shoulder to shoulder and fire, and then getting upset that their opponents hide in the trees. If you keep lining up shoulder to shoulder and marching at a slow pace, you’re going to lose, that doesn’t make the opponents tactics cheap, they just need to be responded to differently. Yes some people online use powerups in a way that is truly cheap and lame, but in a room of 6 real life friends the peer pressure to not be an idiot will prevent anyone from being truly cheap for more than a few kills. I should also add even sprint can be “cheap” when used as a direct counter to other strategies. The moral of the story is, why be a butt about it? Just play different for a bit rather than damaging a relationship.

Side 2, “it’s part of the game, I can use it if I want”. Also a decent basis, there’s no cheating taking place, it’s built into the rules! Sometimes people view it as dishonorable, sometimes they just view it as annoying or no fun, but it’s the way the game was designed, why not play the games full potential? Also totally logical, once again it just focuses entirely on the event (the tactic you’d like to use) and totally ignores the relationship. If everyone except you says don’t do it, and you do it anyway, you can single handedly bother the entire group over something equally stupid as the above British army analogy. This time you’re the guy in the trees. If you’re only objective is to win, then sure, it’s the correct decision. If it’s a matter of preserving my family’s life, I’ll hide in the trees for sure. I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a situation serious enough for it to be justified based on my logic here. Any time I decide to go for the dirty tactic anyway, I’m just feeding my pride. Whether it’s an unconditional desire to win, or a desire to be right, it’s still pride. Almost every one of these circumstances isn’t about saving your family, it’s about having fun with your friends. So why not just avoid the tactic so everyone’s happy?

Hmm, this turned into a Halo rant haha, it can easily be generalized and applied to all sorts of games or circumstances though. Note once again I’m far from perfect, but I do believe I tend to go “meh, ok we’ll do it your way” and have fun playing with or without the tactic in question a lot more than most people I’ve observed. Often times people get upset or annoyed, and I don’t get why. Literally no one benefits. Both parties are bugged, the tension increases, no one even gets to be right. What’s gained? The exception to this is when playing with the tactic would be some sort of moral compromise, like say if there was some sort of option to make every halo player naked, I’d be opposed to that to the extent of leaving. But if it’s using the cloak, or the rocket, or even edge guarding in smash, is it really worth the tension? I don’t think so.