Random Thoughts 25 (2/5/2012)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

- I probably have “platoed” (when doing the same exercise stops bringing new growth) with my spirituality. But at least it’s at a point where I’m productive and clean. Sometimes I feel like I’m not progressing, so what’s the point of all my scripture reading and temple attendance and what not? But I realized all these things are what is sustaining the better person I feel I am compared to what I was. If I want to further become better, I’ll need to add to my spiritual workout.

- “Having faith may not make it easy, but it will make it possible.”

- In EQ they read the story of a boy swimming into a current , ignoring the warning signs, and when he thought he was going to die he called out and a lifeguard was there instantly. The lifeguard had been watching and waited until the boy asked to save him. Do you ask for help?... Also, I believe this is the way we are usually taught. If the lifeguard saved the boy before the boy even realized he was in danger, the boy wouldn’t know it was actually dangerous. If the Lord saves us from mistakes before we realize it’s a mistake, do we learn?

Saturday, January 07, 2012

-AWESOME date with Audrey last night, so fun J. And even insightful… basically, if I get to keep Audrey, it will take a long time. She’s worth it and I’m content to wait right now. If it turns out she’s not that’ll be sad but I’ve been praying to recognize and accept the Lord’s will in this either way, and I think I’m doing ok.

- Reading the Sunday School lesson for this week, it includes the 11 goals of George Albert Smiths “personal creed”. Many of them are centered around preaching the gospel, I wish I had the confidence to set those for myself at his time, but I don’t :/. However, these ones I do,

- “I would be a friend to the friendless and find joy in ministering to the needs of the poor.”

- “I would not seek to force people to live up to my ideals but rather love them into doing the thing that is right.”

- “I would avoid the publicity of high positions and discourage the flattery of thoughtless friends.”

- “I would not knowingly wound the feelings of any, not even one who may have wronged me, but would seek to do him good and make him my friend.”

- “I would overcome the tendency to selfishness and jealousy and rejoice in the successes of all the children of my Heavenly Father.”

- “I would not be an enemy to any living soul.”

Sunday, January 08, 2012

- “He does not believe that does not live according to his belief” weird phrasing, but true statement. If you don’t live it you don’t really believe it.

- “Courage is required to make an initial thrust toward one’s coveted goal, but even greater courage is called for when one stumbles and must make a second effort to achieve.”

- I got SUPER sick this week and missed two days of work, they were rough. I ended up asking CJ and Bryan for a blessing in the middle of the night when I was so uncomfortable I felt like crying. I instantly started to feel much better. The night was still a little rough, and I still couldn’t go to work the next day, but it was much better (as promised in the blessing). There were a lot of interesting things in the blessing, I wish I had it recorded. But two that really stood out was that the Lord sends physical trials specifically to humble me, and that I need to server others. I got the impression those to serve are so close I just need to find them. So I’m fasting about it today…

Monday, January 09, 2012

- [If young people] “would resolve from the moment of their marriage, that from that time forth they

would resolve and do everything in their power to please each other in things that are right, even to the sacrifice of their own pleasures, their own appetites, their own desires, the problem of adjustment in

married life would take care of itself, and their home would indeed be a happy home. Great love is built on great sacrifice, and that home where the principle of sacrifice for the welfare of each other is daily expressed is that home where there abides a great love” – Harold B. Lee

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

- Audrey sent me this last night, thought I’d document it just in case it’s true.. “Corby. My brain is not slowing down. so i'm still awake. basically though.. i just got really hot and my heart was pounding out of my chest. Cause i really think one day i'm gonna marry you. Haha. We will definitely see. But dang. You totally fit in my patriarchal blessing. one day i'll tell you how. Haha. anyway. Now that that's off my chest, hopefully i can sleep. Dangit. Haha. good night, :).”

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

- Mormon was probably as spiritual in his youth as Joseph smith! Mormon 1:15 “ And I, being "fifteen years of age and being somewhat of a sober mind, therefore I was visited of the Lord, and tasted and knew of the goodness of Jesus.”

Sunday, January 15, 2012

- So Audrey came over and we watched Miss America last night with Cj, Michelle, Bryan, and Ashley. Random I know, but if Audrey will play my board games (she’s played a couple with me) then I can watch her silly shows with her haha. It was an AMAZING night though! (the company, the show could have been anything really) she put me on the couch and we had a real cuddle haha. But we talked about all sorts of fun stuff haha.

- Mormon 5:2 capitalizes “Being” as it should because it is referring to deity, but I just thought it was interesting I’ve never seen it capitalized before…

Friday, January 20, 2012

- BRIAN REGAN!!! So funny! I took Audrey and doubled with Adam and Kellie. The funny thing though is my favorite part of the night was talking to Audrey for like 2-3 hours after. We had a real heart to heart I think. The closest thing to a DTR we’ve had. But basically it concluded with us enjoying “whatever we are” but not becoming official, even though I expressed my interest to do so if she was willing. She just doesn’t want a boyfriend even though she can’t really explain why, and I couldn’t help her puzzle it out. She’d be more comfortable with me as a fiancĂ©e then a boyfriend haha, it doesn’t make any sense. And although I care about her deeply and think she’s amazing and I’d love to keep dating her, I’m not anywhere near a marriage level of confidence yet. So we get to be whatever we are until she changes her mind one way or the other :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

- Work has been crazy! Our team is finally making the ReEn shift to TDD and transitioning our QA people into developers. It’s been fun though, and I’m still excited about it. It has almost felt like when I first started at work again, because I’m learning various new technologies and processes, which is fun. The hard part is it almost feels like we’re expected to produce at the same rate even though we have to write tons of extra tests, get used to the process, and mentor others. I happen to be on the team with the oldest most monolithic product in the whole company (which should be 750 employees by the end of the year, by the way. My team is about 10 of those people). It means ours is the hardest and slowest to transition over. Oh well, I feel very useful at work haha, especially when I’m helping the QA guys in Uruguay troubleshoot their problems and they get it :D.

- Today I found out not even medicare will pay for home health (We already found UHC wouldn’t) It’s been a tough morning. This really might mean there’s no way to get home health paid for rather than out of pocket, which would be a minimum of $12,000 a year. This is why everyone I talk to has a cousin or hires someone on the side… I had no idea how blessed I was to have home health these past 5 years. But it’s a hard mentality shift because it means I have to ask more of the wife that I already can’t seem to find because of how much I have to ask of her. :(

Monday, January 30, 2012

- “Only two thing are infinite; the universe, and human stupidity.” And I’m not sure about the universe…

- "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen all at once."

Thursday, February 02, 2012

- So I was at work book club discussing "The Lean Startup" book with a few big wigs at the company (making me feel cool lol) and I made some comment "I've only been here since February but..." and someone was like "it is February" and I realized "Woah! I've had this job over a year now! Crazy!"

Sunday, February 05, 2012

- “Moderation in all things” requires a variety of activities. Even, say, reading scriptures all day every day would be unhealthy if you let family relationships and church callings slide.

- I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but the last two months or so I’ve been getting together with Josh and Micah every Saturday to play video games together. We started with Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, beat it, and have moved on to Dungeon Defenders for now. It’s been great having something to do to keep those friendships alive, and it’s the only real video gaming I do anymore haha.

- Except! Friday I was home bound while my van was getting fixed, and I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. Recently I bought Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 from blockbuster for $5 when it went out of business. I don’t really play single player anything anymore, but I figured Friday was perfect for it. That game is SO AWESOME! I don’t even know how many times I told people that haha. Great testosterone game lol. I ended up staying up till 3 and beating it haha. And that’s even with a 2 hour break when Audrey stopped in. She got in my manual chair and I chased her around the kitchen haha. Then we had another DTR like conversation. It was kind of like another almost breakup for our almost together status. In the last two weeks, she has had FIVE different guys either ask her on a date or strike up a conversation out of nowhere that we’re sure has the objective on asking her out lol. She still wants to date other people but she also wants to keep me. She’s hilariously conflicted. I asked if it would make her feel better if I took other people out, and she said “yes, but it would break my heart.” Those aren’t the same thing either!! She’s great though, we’re still “whatever we are” right now, but I’m sure I’ll have to lose it for a while before I’d get to keep her for good (if I get to keep her) and it’ll be a little hard when I “lose” her. But I’m prepared it will happen and that’ll make it ok.

- I could be much more humble and submissive to the Lord.

- It's funny to me that the brother of Jared knew the Lord had a body and a finger. But not a body of flesh. That being said, pretty sure I'd still be stunned to see His finger myself.

- Someone shared a testimony of how for a brief moment they were given a glimpse back through the veil, and saw what they were like and what they did there. And it's changed their life. That sounds neat.

- “We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails”

- SUPER interesting post on scripture study, and how our brains form and stimulate connections when we do anything at all. When idle our brains crave stimulation for the strongest connections. That's why we check our phone or FB so often. Basically what I got out of it was "whatever you do most, your brain naturally desires more of that. So try to do scripture study until (and after) you desire it."