What a day! Well so I went to Neuroworx for my weekly work out. I mostly am working out posterior shoulder muscles, but I do some biceps too. My biceps are already pretty strong though so we want to catch my other muscles up.

Three random thoughts from today. My experience there today.

#1. The last two times I went I was the only non-staff there (It’s an after-hours program). But this time there was a guy named Barry(sp?) who I actual met way back five years ago when I went for a short while. Barry is on his 16th year as a quad, making it over half his life now. He is pretty much the same muscle picture as me, except he’s actually got a small functional bit of triceps now. But anyway, he has been independent with transfers (before he had trace triceps) since about five years out. Which means, if I’m understanding all the relevant factors correctly, I could be too.

Me and Barry were talking afterwards, and he asked if I’d thought of getting in a manual chair. Let me back up, five years ago when I first went to Neuroworx for a while, I was struggling a ton with orthostatic hypotention (low blood pressure, particularly while sitting up). I had a chest binder and tedhos and everything we could think of, and if I tried to exert myself physically even for like two minutes, I’d get super lightheaded and my muscles would burn from lack of oxygen. Now, my blood pressure is MUCH more stable. Today I went and did 15 minutes of cardio, and three sets of five different exercises all of which made the muscle in use burn enough that I couldn’t do another rep. My blood pressure is definitely more stable now. So when Barry mentioned a me being in a manual chair, this is the first time the thought entered my mind in a “you know what, that’s actually a possibility!” way.

However, I asked him what the benefits of manual chair vs power chair are, and he basically said “you just get to move more, keep your heart going, better quality of life.” I still am a bit skeptical about the worth-it-ness of the manual chair. I have experienced first-hand how exerting myself physically does just seems to release feelings of happiness and usefulness. And so if wheeling around all day just that effect as a bi-product I can see the appeal. I guess I’m just a bit skeptical about the consistency of that, or the potency. I feel like sporty people just seem to get more a sense of fulfillment just because they’re doing something physical in general. As a non sporty type, working out just for the sake of working out doesn’t make as much sense. Although as mentioned I have been experiencing the appeal, and so it’s making more sense. Part of my mind just isn’t convinced that making my life more difficult in various ways, on purpose, would “improve my quality of life”. However, I am, for the first time ever I believe, open to the idea, because I see it as an actual possibility at this point. Something it never really felt like before.

#2. (yeah, that was just number one.) I now know where to find the wheelchair meat-heads haha. Apparently, the wheelchair rugby group does all sorts of other biking/rafting/high adventure activities. Once again those activities in themselves still have a moderate appeal at best. As a social person, the biggest draw for such an activity in my mind is it would be a great date activity haha. On the social train of thought though, it would be a place to actually interact with other wheelchair guys/girls. This is all sorts of wrong of me but I still somehow don’t associate myself with “that group” in my mind. I see myself as not in the “normal” group either, I love all the wheelchair jokes and uniqueness of the whole thing. But I somehow don’t see myself as one of the wheelchair people either. Two tangents on this, A) it’s surprising it doesn’t make me feel terribly lonely feeling like I don’t fit in either group. B) Probably the real solution is I shouldn’t differentiate either group, we should all just be people wheelchair or no, oh well. Anyway, it might be good to participate in other quad friendly high adventure things. Definitely open to the possibility. Definitely going to need some more toning to get there haha. I’ve only been at this Neuroworx thing for three days over three weeks! Oh full time jobs get in the way of EVERYTHING.

#3. I found out today that there’s a procedure they can do to attach tendons from muscles I do currently have use of to my fingers, so basically I’d have some semblance of grip and release. It would be all gripping and releasing at once, so not individual use. And it’s still not like “normal”. But it’s definitely a conscious grip and release, how cool is that!? I asked if Barry could think of any reason not to, and he was like “no, but don’t rush into a decision”. So that could be very interesting. It’s also like a 6-8 week recovery though, which doesn’t mix well with working haha. Totally going to research further though!

So, in short, going back to Neuroworx to see what I can learn? Totally worth it! Learning tons for now J so much to explore!

Random Thoughts 21 (9/4/2011)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

- So… went on a date with Brittany Bird. We ended up at walmart buying a crab, and the old (like 65+ type old) employee helping us started ranting about how there’s not enough employees because the top management is supposedly hoarding the money blah blah… but the best part was when Brittany said “I’m sorry!” and he goes “Don’t say you’re sorry! Never say you’re sorry! There’s three rules, never let them see you sweat, never say you’re sorry, and no good deed goes unpunished.” Funny old guy… not the best take on life though, if he was being sarcastic it didn’t come through :P.

- That night I went out with Cari DeCoursi (yes, two dates the same day, so sue me). She told me the story of how she had gone on a bunch of dates with a guy in her ward, and after one recently they had DTR , she was willing to keep pursuing the relationship, but he said something like, ”you know how the world has this image of what a girl should look like? I just kind of struggle that you’re not that.” Holy crap, I wanted to kick the guy in the nuts. Men like that should be allowed in public. Cari said it’s probably the rudest thing anyone has ever said to her. the next day she was over crying with her mom though, and apparently that’s the day I decided to text something along the lines of “Cari! I miss your beautiful face! When can I see you again?” and it made her day. Yay for inspired timing I suppose? I sure didn’t feel like I was acting on a prompting when I texted haha.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

- So during scripture study we read a scripture where the author was about to say more, but felt he had to stop. And we of course were like, “I wonder what that stuff is?” Cj offered a good theory “maybe we’ve been getting it all along at a slow rate through modern prophets.” Which I like, but, I think it’s not correct due to 2 Nephi 32:6. We of course are getting great and new advice from the prophets, but not new doctrine, which I think is more what the author who couldn’t write more was referring to.

-Went to the ER Tuesday night! My cath stopped draining and we (me and mom) went to put a new one in, but my bladder clamped up and we couldn’t do it. And my blood pressure kept rising painfully… so I took the emergency drug that is supposed to lower my blood pressure a crap ton. Even with that in my system my blood pressure was above 180-200 until we solved the problem. It’s one of the few times ever I remember being in so much pain I literally cried. We called 911 and an ambulance took us to the ER (hopefully ambulance rides are covered under my insurance…) during the trip the drug I took finally alleviated most of the pain, but my legs shook constantly in pain until we got a cath in 45 or so minutes later. After the pain though the whole thing was kind of fun. I joked around With the hospital employees and such… Dad even came with this time. Kind of fun to show him what our hospital adventures are like J.

- Once we got everything at the ER worked out and were just waiting for them to finish paperwork so I could go home, I texted Robert (my manager) something like “Hey Robert, so I had a bit of a medical emergency and I’m at the ER right now, but it looks like we’ve got everything worked out and we’re just waiting for them to let us go. I’ll probably need to sleep in tomorrow and I’ll be a little late for work, sorry! Thanks for your patience!” so apparently, Robert only got the second half in the morning that just said “I’ll probably need to sleep in tomorrow and I’ll be a little late for work, sorry! Thanks for your patience!” and he was like “what the?... have we been too lenient with Corby?” glad we got that straightened out haha.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

-Did lunch with Natalie Haight! It was super great. We got to have a pretty deep conversation about dating (not each other) and stuff. I think I actually see Natalie more regularly than any other girl I spend time with, and I see Natalie like monthly… Further evidence of my campfire analogy in my last blog haha…

Thursday, September 01, 2011

- Real life girls are just as beautiful/physically attractive as movie girls, but they have a personality to go with it. Whenever I’ve met movie looking girls in real life they have all the wrong motivations/aspirations (if any). It makes it easy not to date them though because no such girl would be interested in a guy in a wheelchair anyway.

- Almost got in a car accident this morning, had to veer between some construction barrels into the unused but finished portion of the road to avoid rear ending someone. Apparently they had slowed to their ridiculous stop because a construction barrel was rolling around on the freeway though. Good times.

Friday, September 02, 2011

- “I want, when I die, them to find me sitting in my chair with my face having fallen on the keyboard and having just typed seven thousand pages worth of the letter 'Z.' In this way, I'll have written even after I die.” – Brandon Sanderson

Sunday, September 04, 2011

- So I think I’ve mentioned this in blog posts before, but I’m going to apply to do a CS masters at BYU. Mostly due to the stagnantness I feel with my life now. I didn’t think I’d miss school THIS much! I was even a bit jealous when people were posting status’ about the first day. Anyway, one thing needed for applying is to take the GRE. The GRE is a test that examines your records and tests your reasoning/logic skills. I went online and took all the practice problems and actually had fun haha. I enjoy proving my knowledge or discovering where I lack (in areas I care about :P. Lack of knowledge in bio-chemistry doesn’t bug me at all :P).