Life Update July 2016

Time for another life recap! Looks like I only went nearly 3 years without posting this time so I’m making forward progress! *awkward cough*

Well, things went downhill for my job at SRS/MPI/Autopoint and I got hired to work at Vivint in April 2014. I knew I’d fit in there when I made wheelchair jokes in the interview and they laughed rather than getting awkward. Seeing as I’ve worked there over two years now I could write whole entries on my experiences there so far, but to sum up a recap I’ve love my entire time there, and I’ve been on the front lines of building two new products ground up for the company and it’s been super fun. I love it there and lately I haven’t even bothered to maintain cordial terms with recruiters because there’s just no way I’m leaving anytime soon.

I got called as an Elders Quorum president at the Ventana ward and was very humbled by the experience. Then I moved in with Bryan and Kayla for nearly a year and had a great time. I bought a condo in Bluffdale mid 2015 and rented it out for a year. And I went skydiving somewhere in there. All big things maybe I’ll write more about someday.

As for the focus of this post though, in Feb 2014 I met Tessa Sommer. And now I’m writing this post at the tail end of our honeymoon at the Shakespearian Festival (all the shows we saw here were AMAZING by the way! Much Ado About Nothing, The Coconauts, and Murder For Two). Anyway at our reception we had some posters detailing our story, and I wanted to post them here. So here!
tess intro.jpg

So! There you have it! We live together now in our condo in Bluffdale, and we’re working through kinks, but I’m so ridiculously grateful for the many blessings in my life, particularly my eternal companion.

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